TINO Design Networking 3rd Edition Overview

Recently, as you all may know we were celebrating the 3rd “TINO Design Networking” edition. It is an annual event that brings together the most outstanding professionals from Architecture, Interior Design and Construction in addition to influential personalities and collaborators. It took place at TINO NATURAL STONE main showroom in Marbella, Spain.
This is STRATUM By TINO, this is what is making the Natural Stone great and worthy again.
During the event we had the opportunity to get to know more about one of the most exciting products that the natural stone industry has been lucky to meet in this century. It is part of the TINO + I line. Yes, we are talking about Stratum by TINO, the new Natural Stone with unique characteristics and design that is revolutionising the AID community.
stratum texture
Throughout the event, a professional BIMobject platform showed attending professionals the advantages of using this 2.0 tool and the implementation of Stratum by TINO products in it. Download our products on the BIMobjetc platform!
We will be so glad whether you can take a few minutes to find out more about Stratum and please, feel free to contact us or any of our distributors for more info. We are here to assist you!!