STRATUM by Tino is a new concept that brings a revolutionary product into the Natural Stone industry. A series of Natural Stone treated by Nanotechnology that changes the internal porous structure of the stone, resulting in a totally new product with almost zero porosity and new highly improved properties where its natural look remains intact by expressing the real beauty of the walls of Natural Stone that have endured for millennia in the hearts of the mountains.
A series of Natural Stone treated by Nanotechnology that changes the internal porous structure of the stone
This natural look is accentuated by the exclusive treatment that allows Natural Stone to reach similar properties than Porcelanics, while remaining 100% Natural and becoming a new material with unique characteristics in the market and with infinite possibilities of applications.


Come and find out about what is going to be a revolutionary concept in the Natural Stone industry. We have just chosen this exhibition as the official launch of STRATUM.
The first version of STRATUM by Tino comes in 5 characteristic colors of natural stone: Two White tones, Beige, Light Grey and Dark Grey. It can be supplied in various formats and patterns.
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